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Preview of the video: ServSafe Brings Food Safety Home

ServSafe Bring Food Safety Home

We understand there is a growing interest in healthy living. Now more than ever, people want to protect themselves, their family and their friends from the negative and sometimes devastating effects of foodborne illnesses. Find out how we can help them do just that.

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We encourage you to download, print and post these food safety tips in your kitchen. You can pin them on the inside of a cabinet or use magnets to put them on your fridge.

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Food Allergies

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Allergy-friendly recipes to keep your loved ones safe.

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The summer season is the best time for a road trip. You wake up on a Saturday morning and just go for it – with no particular destination in mind.  But kids add a whole new meaning to a casual “road trip,” often asking for snacks before you’ve reached the first mile marker.
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