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For nearly 40 years, ServSafe has become the most highly respected food-safety training program in the world. In fact, 9 out of 10 of America's top chain restaurants use ServSafe to ensures that every foodservice employee fully understands what must be done to handle and prepare food safely.

Preview of the video: ServSafe Brings Food Safety Home

ServSafe Brings Food Safety Home.

In restaurants across the country, chefs carefully monitor their food. And as you and your family start to use the ServSafe Home Food Safety website, you’ll learn the same important techniques – like how to properly thaw frozen meats and how many days you can safely use raw eggs.

By bringing our same standard of food safety into homes, we’ll teach you and your family how to shop, store, prepare, cook and cool food properly to protect your loved ones.

The trust and expertise that ServSafe brings to the workplace can now be accessed in homes everywhere – because we are determined to keep you and your family safe by helping you learn everything you need to know about food safety.